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Our institution provides a variety of loan products to your valued customers. By emphasizing the requirement of having a pre-existing account with your bank to access these loans, you are encouraging potential borrowers to become a part of your banking community.

Opening an account with your bank not only allows
individuals to apply for your loan products but also
grants them access to a range of other banking services you offer. This can include services such as savings accounts, checking accounts, online banking, mobile banking, and other financial solutions. Being a part of your banking community can bring various benefits to customers, such as personalized loan solutions, favorable interest rates, dedicated customer support, and the convenience of managing their finances in one place.

Product & Services

What loan we provides

Commercial Loan

If you’re a self-employed business owner or a small to medium-sized enterprise looking to expand and grow your business, consider commercial loans as a viable option. These loans are specifically designed for you and come with competitive interest rates. So, if you want to take your business to the next level, explore commercial loans and take advantage of the opportunities they offer.

Salary Loan

Our reputable institution has been providing high-quality banking services for years, and we’re pleased to offer salary loans to qualifying individuals. With flexible repayment terms and competitive interest rates, our salary loans can help you cover unexpected expenses, consolidate debt, or simply get the extra cash you need to reach your goals. Don’t let financial stress hold you back any longer – visit Kwahu Rural Bank today and see how we can help you succeed.

Pension Loan

Our pension loan is designed to help retirees manage their finances with ease. We understand the importance of having a reliable source of income during retirement, which is why we offer this loan to help you make the most of your pension plan. With flexible repayment options, competitive interest rates, and a fast approval process, you can rest easy knowing that your financial needs are in good hands with Kwahu Rural Bank. Apply for your pension loan today and take the first step towards financial security in retirement.

Microfinance Loan

his financial product is specifically designed to help individuals and small businesses in rural communities access affordable and reliable funding to support their growth and development. With this loan, borrowers can receive the financial boost they need to launch a new business venture, purchase equipment, or finance other essential expenses. So, if you’re looking to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams or need financial support for your existing business, look no further than Kwahu Rural Bank’s microfinance


With a reputation for providing top-quality services to individuals and businesses alike, we offer a range of financial products, including the highly sought-after overdraft loan. Whether you need funding for a short-term cash flow issue or a large-scale business expansion, our overdraft loan is designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring that you can achieve your goals with ease. So why wait? Come explore our offerings and see for yourself why Kwahu Rural Bank is the perfect choice for all your
banking needs.

Church Project Financing

We are pleased to offer church project financing to help turn your dreams into a reality. With competitive rates and flexible payment plans, our financing options help ease the burden of funding a new church building or renovation project. Plus, our knowledgeable team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way. Choose Kwahu Rural Bank for your next church project financing needs and let us help you bring your vision to life.

Funeral loans

Kwahu Rural Bank presents a unique solution for those in need of financial support during tough times. Their Funeral Loan program is specifically designed to alleviate the burden of funeral expenses from the family members of the deceased. With this program, you can get access to funds quickly and easily, enabling you to plan a dignified farewell for your loved ones without worrying about the financial aspect. Whether you’re looking to cover the cost of the casket, floral arrangements, or catering, this loan has got you covered.

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Kwahu Rural Bank Limited, headquartered in Pepease, Kwahu East District, is the first Rural Bank in the Kwahu Traditional area, the third in the Eastern Region, and the 13th in the country.

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