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E- Banking

ith this innovative service, both existing and potential customers have access to a wide range of financial solutions from the comfort of their own homes. From checking your account balance to transferring funds and paying bills, e-banking offers a wealth of features that make managing your money easy, efficient, and stress-free. So why wait? Sign up for e-banking today and start taking control of your finances in a whole new way!


What we offer

These services are available to both existing and potential customers. This allows subscribers
to access financial services at the comfort of their homes. These services include: U-connect,
SMS Alert and E-Susu, ATM (GH-Link)

Uconnect Banking

A cutting-edge solution that we offer, featuring a 360-degree reach that puts all the power of your bank account in the palm of your hand wherever you happen to be! With our incredible app, you’ll be able to check your account balance, view mini statements, make transfers and send money to any bank account in an instant, as well as purchase airtime and take advantage of many other revolutionary features.

SMS alert

SMS Alert is another service that keeps customers informed about their financial transactions and account status. Through this service, customers receive text messages on their mobile phones, providing them with real-time updates, such as notifications about their account
balances, transaction confirmations, and other important information from the financial institution.

Esusu is a financial technology platform that offers various services to help individuals with their financial goals. It provides rent reporting, allowing users to have their rent payments reported to credit bureaus to build their credit history. Esusu also offers rich analytics for financial insights and rent relief assistance to support individuals in managing their cash flow and reducing costs.

ATM (gH-Link)

ATM (GH-Link) ATM (GH-Link) indicates that customers also have access to physical cash withdrawals and other ATM services. GH- Link likely refers to a specific interbank network in Ghana that connects various banks and allows customers to use their bank cards at any participating ATM to withdraw cash, check their account balance, and perform other banking functions.

About Us

Kwahu Rural Bank Limited, headquartered in Pepease, Kwahu East District, is the first Rural Bank in the Kwahu Traditional area, the third in the Eastern Region, and the 13th in the country.

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